The New Mexico Attorney General's Office advocates for transparency in government that includes easy access to information by the general public. New technologies make such access easier and faster than ever before.

It is the goal of this pilot project to make the Attorney General's Office public data electronically accessible; including some data that until now has only been available by written request. By offering a fully searchable data store built on our existing Google Apps platform, the new system will significantly decrease the costs for bringing this information to the public and, in many cases, expedite the delivery of information to requesters.

In creating this project we researched technology to find a way to offer robust applications and better access to information from all computerized devices, including cell phones. We chose the Google Sites service because it is included in our email system application; there is no equipment to buy or contractors to hire to create these information pages; therefore, this a fiscally responsible project. This is a cloud based system in which the work load of providing computer services and the cost to support them is distributed over a large pool of users. Additionally, because the use of paper is unnecessary to produce documents from the source, this project is also environmentally beneficial over older technology.  

Records not found here may be obtained by making a Public Records Inspection Request